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Peugeot RCZ

Posted by Muhammad Jibril Thursday, May 17, 2012 0 comments
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Currently the car has become part of our daily lives. Even some people agree with the notion that having a car is a liability thing else, except for necessities but also for lifestyle. Especially those who move in big cities with high mobility and, of course, the car is the primary vehicle needed to support their daily lives. Peugeot RCZ present to you a active and have the interest to look elegant and sporty. 

Sexy and exotic, that's the first thing that occurred when the French sportscar exterior look, Peugeot RCZ. No wonder, when tried it, the car was immediately attracted attention, either by car or motorcycle users, pedestrians to building security.Not surprisingly, with sloping curves on the body up to the roof and rear glass, RCZ look like a true supercar. Look of the front airdam looks aggressive with a large convoy and sharply angled projector type headlamp. 


Contrast with the exterior design and a sporty interior, Peugeot RCZ pinned only 1.6-liter engine coded EPTCDT. But do not rush eye view of this car, because of the Turbo technology, Peugeot RCZ claimed to be capable of producing up to 156 hp at 6,000 rpm with torque of 240 Nm at 1400 rpm. My curiosity was peaked. Highways in the area of ​​Kemang, Jakarta Selata bisunya a witness. 

When the engine starter car voice sounds so smooth, not wild and rough, like a car show of strength, but calm and gentle like a car that says 'I'll see you at the finish line later'. Unfortunately, road conditions was less supportive. The rain-slick road and make our hectic traffic can only drive a Peugeot with a stop and go conditions alias creep solid.

Try a little flicker amid tested for congestion, Peugeot RCZ is still quite comfortable and nimble. Any time to see the holes in the road conditions, ground clearance is still high enough to make this car is not easy to "smell" the uneven pavement. But the Peugeot RCZ which uses the legs models built-in Independent MacPherson coil spring, hydraulic integrate the front and trailed arm Independent, transverse torsion bar in the back feels hard enough to remember the shock that the distinctive character of a sports car. When the brake pedal in the stampede, especially in conditions of a sudden, screeching sound came. Although 'he said' this is the character of the brakes but it felt quite disturbing passengers in the cabin. 

In terms of entertainment, Peugeot RCZ ilengkapi with Radio & MP3 Player, USB, AUX-In, Bluetooth telephone. This car has been equipped with Front & Rear Parking Sensors. While the rearview mirror, Peugeot RCZ equipped with Electric Folding Door Mirrors.As for the safety, Peugeot is equipped with four airbags, ultrasonic alarm & Immobiliser, electronic stability program (ESP), ABS, EBD and EBA. There are also active rear spoiler that allows the driver to activate the rear spoiler automatically according to the speed of the car so as to improve aerodynamics.


Peugeot RCZ new series car that was first introduced as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 207. Form of the headlights is the hallmark of Peugeot cars. This car has 18-inch alloy wheels for Sport models, while the premium model has a 19-inch alloy wheels. Rear spoiler combined with a light ruby ​​crystal behind the combination. 

To display the car's interior puts the driver in the RCZ is an atmosphere of luxury and high tech. RCZ also has Bluetooth applications and audio connectors. As for the RCZ engine has an efficient engine with the torque and power output is great, but the economy with low CO2 emissions, and already meets Euro 5 standards. RCZ EP6CDT engines Turbo, 16 Valve, VVT, VVL capacity of 1598 cc. Power output up to 240 rpm with a torque 156hp/5800 Nm/1400 rpm.
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