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Honda Accord

Posted by Muhammad Jibril Saturday, May 19, 2012 0 comments
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For Honda, creating an upscale sedan features not only give priority to the forefront of technological features. but it is also important to provide a sense of luxury inside the cabin that you can feel when you open the door. Its spacious cabin comes with a new measure adds dimension in driving comfort, has more space for a comfortable footrest, armrest and the back shoulder. deangan use the best materials and high-quality, beauty Desaign interior comes with an exclusive steering panel, the selection lapaisan luxurious seating and colors that reflect good taste interion

As you enter the cockpit, you will realize that the drive will not seem more enjoyable than this. Cockpit display of modern, high-quality comfort at the same time generated by setting all elements in the dashboard is ergonomically disesain so easy to reach. Maximum visibility makes driving more fun and driving feels safer to keep your safety.

Enjoy the luxury of a Honda special present for you and feel the comfort and driving pleasure when the world feels is in All New Full Size Accord

Honda is known to have high commitment in maintaining the safety not only for the rider or passenger, but also for pedestrians. It is a testament to Honda's responsibility to provide safety protection to the basic philosophy of Honda creates world-class safety standards.

Size according to the perspective of Honda's safety starts at the first moments behind the wheel. You can feel more confident with a wide range of view because of the dashboard is in the design of ramps. Flat Wiper Blade design and thin A-pillars enhance driver visibility in all directions and provide security on the curve, turn, and were were in-. Leading security system via ABS, EBD & BA during sudden braking VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) helps the vehicle to remain stable as the active protection. Fitted HID (with auto leveling Headlight (VTi-L and V6) that can deliver twice the light irradiation of ordinary light.

Desai has a monocoque body with maximum protection during collision from any direction in how to effectively absorb and distribute impact energy collisions akaibat, to reduce damage to the cabin via the G-Force Control Technology (G-CON). This technology is also equipped with ACE body structure that makes the body design is more secure structure to absorb impact energy while colliding with kendraan of different sizes. Otherwise complete the passive safety features with the advanced dual stage SRS front airbags (SRS Airbags-i), an intelligent two-stage air bag can inflate to calculate and adjust the speed of hard knocks that aims to minimize injury to driver and passengers.

Honda offers an unrivaled driving pleasure comes via a more robust performance and responsiveness. Honda thinking well how to create a vehicle that not only has high acceleration, maneuverability and comfort of driving a sharp but also has a revolutionary machine that can produce large extra energy, but its use is still fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Combination pleasure of driving through two pieces of advanced technology systems work original Honda engine: 3.5 liter V6 i-VTEC VCM (Variable Chylinder Management). The new Honda Mesintipe is designed to produce big power with economical fuel consumption and low emissions. 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine that is combining the two intelligent VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) and VTC (Variable Timing Control) is set in terms of opening and closing the valve timing and lift to produce the ideal balance of power. Both engines are equipped with DBW (drive by wire) to the adoption of F1 technology.

Revolution 3.5-liter engine with six cylinders configured V is capable of producing a much larger force, combining the ability of i-VTEC engine and VCM which can set the number of active cylinders firing. This machine is also equipped the new technology system of the ACM (Active Control Engine Mount) which bkerja actively reducing the effects of vibration on the system as well mesin.Terdapat ANC (Active Noise Control) feature Honda's leading edge technology in audio systems that monitor and reduce noise from the engine or outside cabin by providing a counterweight to the low frequency signal by the amplifier.

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